Display multiple Date formats |

CCK modules allow for many various 'formats' to display your field, and date.module is no exception. Sometimes you may want to use different formats depending on where the field is being displayed (for instance, use 'short' date format on teaser view, 'long' date format on full page view, etc..). Here is an example node.tpl.php.

Themer Pack Working Group |

The Drupal Themer Pack is a group effort of people who want to contribute to Drupal and make the lives of themers a little easier by creating a comprehensive set of templates for every themable in Drupal core. The goal is to do the work of separating logic from presentation; however, the themer pack will not change the output. If you drop the themer pack files into your theme and enable it, you should see no difference until the templates are modified.

Theming blocks individually, by region, or by module |

block-[module].tpl.php did not take effect unless there was also a custom (copy of) block.tpl.php in the theme dir also

Dynamic Theming in Drupal 6 - Part 1

The Drupal system, when combined with the PHPTemplate engine, gives you the ability to create logic that will automatically display templates or specific elements in response to the existence of certain conditions. In this two part article by Ric Shreves, we will look at running multiple templates, and at creating dynamic elements and styles. Among the techniques covered in these articles ( Part 1 and Part 2 ) are: using suggestions—naming conventions—to control template display, the use of $body_classes to create dynamic styling, and the implementation of the preprocessor function.

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