MySQL slow on ext4 - Karmic 64 bit?

Importeren van een database in mijn MySQL server (op Ubuntu) was de laatste tijd een hel aan 't worden. Het duurde soms 2 uur voor een import rond was. Akkoord, het was geen kleine database, maar zo groot is 50Mb nu ook weer niet. Om snel even een development versie op te zetten is 2 uren gewoon te veel. Na wat zoeken kwam ik deze link terecht. Eventjes barrier=0 bij de options van mijn root schijf toevoegen in /etc/fstab en herstarten. Dan duimen draaien tijdens het testen, maar na nog geen 2 minuten was 't geklonken en was mijn import binnen.

SQL Cheat Sheet: Query By Example

MySQL 5 Specific syntax for doing multi-table UPDATE joins UPDATE customers, orders SET customers.rating = 'Good' WHERE orders.customer_id = customers.customer_id

How to connect to multiple databases within Drupal |

Drupal can connect to different databases with elegance and ease! First define the database connections Drupal can use by editing the $db_url string in the Drupal configuration file (settings.php for 4.6 and above, otherwise conf.php). By default only a single connection is defined

Import CSV files into Drupal CCK nodes | Grover Ponders

One of the projects I'm working on is to migrate a website from an old/outdated content management system I wrote 5+ years ago to something more modern - Drupal One of the challenges here is the listing type pages that provide rows of links to related websites. These links contain the link title, the URL (of course), and a brief description. The alternatives for moving this data was to either copy the rendered table into a single page node, or make use of the Content Construction Kit (CCK) to create custom nodes reflecting the data.

mysqlicious - Project Hosting on Google Code

MySQLicious provides automated mirroring/backups of Delicious bookmarks into a MySQL database. Note that MySQLicious does not provide a mechanism for displaying bookmarks after they're in your database; that part is up to you.


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